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7 Topical Uses Of Oregano Essential Oil

by Up Nature |

In this post I’ll cover 7 Topical Uses of  Oregano Essential Oil. Different people choose to use Oregano Essential Oil internally or externally and internally may even be very dangerous if you’re not sure what you’re doing, and topically is very safe.

The first topical use is for wrinkles and graceful aging. Many studies have shown that if you started getting wrinkles on your face, it may be very beneficial to use Oregano Essential Oil as a lotion on your face. It’s very important to mix it with a carrier oil, otherwise Oregano Essential Oil can burn your face, but when you mix it with a carrier oil it’s very safe to use. The many medicinal properties of oregano can actually slow down the aging of your skin so you age gracefully. In Greece, Oregano used to be called “Joy of the Mountain” and they’ve always used Oregano and Oregano a lot of Oregano in their culture, as well as in their food over the last few centuries.

The second topical use is for bugs in your home and garden. In your home, you can put some Oregano Oil on cotton balls, and place the cotton balls in the corners of the room. This may help you with bugs during the night. You can even put the cotton balls in your garden. You don’t have to mix it with anything, just put it on cotton balls, maybe mix  with a little water if you want to spray it in the air. This will make sure the bugs go away peacefully and naturally.

The third topical use of Oregano Oil is for your muscles or if you have arthritis or any muscle type of injury or pain. Oregano Oil has very medicinal properties and every time you put something on your skin, it absorbs it internally. This gives it a very soothing and relaxing effect for your muscles and joints. Just mix it with a lotion or a carrier oil and put it on the affected area. This may help you, so definitely give it a shot.

The fourth topical use is for different skin allergic reactions. If you’re having an allergic reaction in general, and especially on your skin, then you can use Oregano Oil to help. You can use it in a steaming pot of water for the air or in a lotion for your skin. It’s a very natural solution instead of using lots of chemicals which the pharmaceutical companies are selling. So before you try going for those, try Oregano Oil, it’s 100% natural and studies show it helps.

The fifth topical use of Oregano Oil is against mosquitoes. If you have mosquitoes and general bugs and insects you want to repel, then Oregano Oil is a great insect repellent. I recommend using Oregano Oil as a mixture with Citronella Oil, Lemongrass Oil and Peppermint Oil. All the oils have different properties and every one has a degree of how much it can repel mosquitoes. If you use all of the oils together, you’ll get a much stronger effect, and Oregano oil also has an anti-mosquito effect.

The sixth topical use is for fungal infections. If you have fungal infections, just take the Oregano oil and use it as a lotion on the affected area. Oregano Essential oil has very strong anti-fungal properties and this will fight the fungal infections. You can also use this for psoriasis and eczema. Those are two very popular skin conditions. Many kids have them and adults as well. This is again a very natural use. Put it on the affected area. I recommend being consistent. Don’t put it one time and expect it to go away. Put it on every day and see the results within one to two weeks. I think you’ll be surprised, and all the studies show that Oregano oil is really beneficial for those two skin conditions.

The seventh topical use is for athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. It’s very similar to other types of fungus but specifically on your nails and on your feet, and it’s very common. What you can do is just put some water in a basin, put the Oregano Oil in, and just soak your feet. Make sure the water is hot or warm, as this will relax your muscles, your feet, and make sure the medicinal properties of the Oregano Essential oil will help with the condition.

So those were seven topical uses of Oregano Essential oils which I recommend that you use. It’s very safe, very natural, and can really help with lots of conditions. There may be no need for something pharmaceutical or for chemicals, when you can use the Oregano Oil.

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