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The Oral Health Benefits Of Peppermint Essential Oil Mouthwash

by Yuli Azarch |

Pure peppermint essential oil has a multitude of uses, and it is known for its antibacterial and antifungal qualities. These helpful aspects have contributed to a host of natural and effective remedies that are a cost effective, all natural, and potent alternative to commercially available products. Essential oil mouthwashes or mouth rinses often don’t rely on just one essential oil, rather they often combine multiple oils to reap the maximum effect.

The DIY Advantage

There are a variety of benefits that natural and homemade mouthwashes confer. In addition to knowing exactly the quality of which ingredients went into the finished product, homemade mouthwashes are alcohol free, less expensive, and don’t include synthetic dyes or preservatives. Plus, mixing the solution yourself reduces the amount of waste headed to landfills—no disposable bottles to discard—and reduces your carbon footprint—no cases of bottles to be shipped.

While it may seem as though using peppermint oil ‘neat’—or undiluted—would yield the best results, pure essential oil is highly concentrated, and it is not recommended to ingest or apply it internally without a safe dilution level. The following simple recipe produces a potent and effective mouth rinse that, when prepared correctly, is properly diluted.


1/4 cup of Vodka (optional)

4 tsp of Liquid Glycerin

10-15 drops of Peppermint oil

1 tsp of Aloe Vera Gel

3/4 cups Water

Simply mix the ingredients and you’re ready to rinse. Remember to shake well before each use, essential oils are not water soluble and will separate out of solution. In this recipe, aloe vera is also used to boost the antibacterial and antifungal properties of the peppermint oil. Of the many peppermint oil benefits, a refreshing mouth rinse is among the most delicious.

Using Different Essential Oils For Optimal Effect

For a slightly more involved mixture, the following recipe blends together many different essential oils for a potent mouth rinse.


5 ml Cinnamon Essential Oil

5 ml Eucalyptus Essential Oil

5 ml Clove Essential Oil

5 ml Lemon Essential Oils

15 ml Peppermint Essential Oil

5 ml Tea Tree Essential Oil

8 ounces Carrier Oil or Water

Mix the ingredients and shake well before each use. This recipe works quickly and leaves your mouth with a clean and pleasant feeling. In both recipes, the mixed mouth rinse should be stored with a tight fitting cap out of direct sunlight.

If you’re looking for a mouth rinse that doesn’t just leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed, but contributes to tooth whitening as well, try the following recipe that combines the antibacterial properties of pure peppermint essential oil with the whitening effects of baking soda.


1 cup of Water

1 tsp of Baking Soda

4 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil

4 drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil

Mix ingredients and shake well before each use. This is a simple and effective mouth rinse recipe, and many users have substituted the fresh tasting antiseptic eucalyptus oil for the tea tree oil for a similar effect.

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