Changing Seasons Bring Changing Health Needs Changing Seasons Bring Changing Health Needs

Top 5 Essential & Carrier Oils To Use This Fall

By Aromatherapist Heidi Kiddle MIFPA

We are at the very beginning of a change in seasons, from summer to fall. Now depending on your location, the weather, of course, will vary. I’ve definitely noticed a slight nip in the air here in England! and the nights are just beginning to draw in. However, one thing we all have in common is that as we move out of summer it is a time of flux. 

These transitional times of the year will automatically bring about a change within us from the shifting environment around us. So it’s a great moment to give our body and mind a little extra support in doing what it does best adapting and recalibrating. Some factors in life can throw us a little off-kilter, so giving ourselves a helpful boost with the use of natural essential oils can be just what we need...

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