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Top 5 Essential & Carrier Oils To Use This Fall

by Aromatherapist Heidi Kiddle MIFPA |






We are at the very beginning of a change in seasons, from summer to fall. Now depending on your location, the weather, of course, will vary. I’ve definitely noticed a slight nip in the air here in England! and the nights are just beginning to draw in. However, one thing we all have in common is that as we move out of summer it is a time of flux. 

These transitional times of the year will automatically bring about a change within us from the shifting environment around us. So it’s a great moment to give our body and mind a little extra support in doing what it does best adapting and recalibrating. Some factors in life can throw us a little off-kilter, so giving ourselves a helpful boost with the use of natural essential oils can be just what we need...

A great way to support ourselves is to utilize nature's gifts. Essential Oils. Luckily Upnature have you covered with their exciting range of essential and carrier oils. They have recently been through a new and exciting transition themselves. So check out their new look website.

Now is also the perfect time to start prepping our bodies for winter. Let’s start early with strengthening our immune systems and make this Autumn and Winter different. Utilizing essential oils can allow us to breeze through these seasons, healthy and happy, so we can enjoy them and all they have to offer just as much as we did the summer! 



TOP 5 

I have listed my top 5 picks from the UpNature collection to help you learn about some of the wonderful properties these essential oils can offer. 


Cinnamomum zeylanicum (fol)


I just had to award UpNatures Cinnamon Leaf essential oil with the no.1 slot.

This essential oil is full to the brim with benefits for the user. The minute we enter fall, this automatically becomes my go-to oil. Its comforting aroma evokes memories of home baking or sheltering in your favorite cozy cafe, enjoying snuggly hot chocolates, sprinkled with cinnamon spice.

As an aromatherapist I know to use this oil with my clients who are in need of a boost to their immune systems due to its immune stimulant and antimicrobial properties. Basically a great all-round bug zapper and immune tonic. This is a warming and strengthening essential oil. Paired with a citrus essential oil such as UpNature’s Sweet Orange or NEW Lemon essential oil. This is the perfect restorative combination to help lift the spirits and energy. Supporting the bodily systems to function properly.



Heidi's Hint

"The ideal welcoming blend to diffuse in your home, especially when you are receiving guests. Simply add between 3-8 drops (depending on room size) into the water of your diffuser and enjoy the delicious aroma." 






Citrus sinensis


This essential oil smells incredible blended with Cinnamon Leaf oil. This combo always features in my autumn and winter blends. The perfect mix of warmth from the spice oil and uplift from the citrus. I think it’s really important to bring some uplifting oils into blends for Fall, reminding us of the summer and keeping our spirits high. As we know the changing seasons can affect our moods, but just smelling a citrus aroma, can have a profound effect on our mental wellbeing. What is also really helpful is the oil boasts immune tonic properties and bactericidal action. Did you know that Sweet Orange essential oil is also a great addition to your body moisturizer as it gives sluggish lymphatics a boost and keeps everything flowing and energized.



Heidi's Hint

"Using a plain natural moisturizer as a base. Add up to 10 drops into 50ml or up to 20 drops into 100ml. Keep refrigerated for extended shelf life."






 Cucurbita pepo


Whatever the weather in your part of the world, one thing synonymous with this season is pumpkins! and did you know that those seeds we find when carving our masterpieces every Halloween can actually help to hydrate and protect dry skin and hair from the changing elements? The seeds are packed full of Zinc, vitamin E and antioxidants. Making for a fantastic cold-pressed carrier oil for blending UpNature essential oils into. Also full to the brim of Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. 



Heidi's Hint
  "This makes for a fantastic emollient, retaining moisture in the skin and hair. Why not use as the base for the Sweet Orange essential oil recipe above instead of the moisturizer and you have created your own luxury body oil."





Juniperus mexicana 


It wouldn’t be right to not include a wood essential oil in the top 5. Wood oils are grounding, strengthening and balancing emotionally. It again is a tonic to the immune system, which ties in with the other oils in this blog post. This essential oil also has an affinity with the respiratory system. So can help with respiratory complaints, brought on by changing weather conditions and temperatures. It blends particularly well with citrus oils.




Heidi's Hint
"Ideal to use in a diffuser to help reach the respiratory system. Add 3-8 drops (depending on room size) to the water in your diffuser and inhale deeply."





 Citrus Limon


I was so happy when UpNature incorporated Lemon essential oil into their range. This is the perfect timing too as we all need this oil right now. Lemon is a very vibrant and uplifting essential oil. As with Sweet Orange, it is so helpful to use to lift the mood during the changing seasons, bringing a little summer back into Autumn and winter. Along with being such a great protection for the immune system, with its antimicrobial and antiviral properties, this is one oil we can’t do without this Autumn. 




Heidi's Hint
 "Using a plain natural moisturizer or carrier oil as a base. Add up to 5 drops into 50ml or up to 10 drops into 100ml. Keep refrigerated for extended shelf life."







Essential Oil Diffuser

These essential oils combined make a perfect Autumnal blend to use in UpNatures NEW essential oil diffuser. I am so pleased they have brought this into the range as some of the most beneficial uses of essential oils are through diffusion. Especially when it comes to working on the respiratory system and for mental and emotional benefits. Simply add between 3-8 drops depending on room size to the water in your diffuser and enjoy the incredible aroma as it fills your space. 



DIY Room Spray


Another great way to utilize these oils is to create a DIY room spray. It’s super easy and really effective for a quick pick-me-up. Especially when working or in the mornings.

Simply fill a 50 or 100ml glass spray bottle with water. Combine your chosen essential oils into a small amount of alcohol first (less than a tsp). Add 4-5 drops in 50ml of water or 8-10 drops in 100ml of water. Feel free to add any ratio (up to the maximum amount of drops) of any combination of essential oils listed above or from the Entire UpNature range



Let us know how these beneficial essential oils helped support you this fall in the comments below!


*Please note: The suggested applications need to be appropriately diluted. There may also be essential oil specific guidance - please refer to our UpNature eBooks or consult an aromatherapist for more in-depth information.


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