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Top 4 Uses Of Oregano Essential Oil

by Up Nature |

Hey, Yuli here from UpNature and we specialize in premium essential oils.In this post and video, I'm talking about the top 4 uses of Oregano Essential Oil.

Maybe you have different uses for Oregano Essential Oil but let’s talk about the top 4 uses of this oil. Maybe you don’t know them, maybe you’ve heard of them, but after this video you’re going to know them. And if you have some kind of health issue, you can always go to Oregano Essential Oil and it’s going to be one of the tools in your medicinal toolbox.

Oregano is a very medicinal plant. Maybe you use it on your pizza or on your food as an herb, but this is an extraction of the flower and leaves of the Oregano plant. The top 4 uses are the following:

1. Oregano Essential Oil is amazing for treating foot or nail fungus, and in general any type of fungus which you may have on your skin, not necessarily on your nail or on your foot. But foot and nail fungus is a really common fungus that many people have and all you need to do is put a few teaspoons of Oregano Essential Oil in a basin of water and mix it with a carrier oil. I recommend a ratio of 1:1 or 1:2. Try it and see how your skin reacts. Just put your legs into the basin for 15 to 20 minutes, and this will really help any fungus which you have on your nails or feet.

Now for carrier oils you can use coconut oil or olive oil, moringa oil or neem oil. Any carrier oil will do the trick. Personally I love coconut oil. I think coconut oil is great and neem oil is a great carrier oil as well. Again all you need to do is apply the mixture to the nails or skin. The Oregano Oil will combat the fungus with its anti-fungal properties.

2. Oregano Oil is amazing for killing parasites and infections, which are really very common.  Probably we all have some kind of parasite and infection. All you have to do is mix your oregano oil with carrier oil and place it on your skin if there’s a skin infection or place a bit under your tongue. A very serious warning is that Oregano Essential Oil can really burn your tongue, so you need to properly dilute it with a carrier oil, and only then can you put it under your tongue. You can even swish it around in your mouth for a minute or however long you can, and then spit it out. The oil is an extraction of the medicinal plant and you’re getting all the benefits that the oil and the plant can give.

3. Oregano Essential Oil can  alleviate and remove sinus infections and colds. Many people have colds and sinus infections and all you need to do sometimes is just open the bottle and just smell it. The smell is so strong that if you have a cold or infection, just smell it! It can open your sinuses. You can use it in a diffuser as well with water so the essential oil will vaporize into the whole room. You can also just put a few drops into a pot of steaming water.

4. Anything you need related to antibacterial, anti-fungal, or antiviral, just use Oregano Essential Oil, because it has all the properties that will combat any kind of bacterial, viral, fungal skin disease, Oregano Oil is amazing for this. It’s 100% natural and doesn’t harm your skin with any side effects. You only use the medicinal properties of the oil.

So those are the top four uses of Oregano Essential Oil. If you have any of these issues or know anyone who has them, I recommend giving them our Oregano Essential Oil to use.

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