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Neem Oil For Oral Care

by Up Nature |

I’d like to tell you about Neem oil and more specifically how Neem oil can be used with dental floss in order to improve the health of your teeth and gums. Neem oil comes from India. Many years ago they found out that it has many properties that are good for your teeth. Neem oil can help whiten your teeth, it can help remove gingivitis, reduce tooth decay and has other amazing properties for your teeth. One of the easiest things to do is use it with dental floss. 

What you do is take some dental floss. UpNature's Neem Oil has a dropper which you can use to ensure you don’t use too much oil. Put a bit of oil on your finger, then transfer the neem oil to the strand of dental floss. This will make the floss more silky and when you floss, the neem oil will get between your teeth. This will help reduce tooth decay and improve your tooth and gum health.

Dental floss is really amazing for your health, but if you add the neem oil to your dental floss, you’re adding lots of good things to improve the health of your teeth and gums for many years. That’s how I use it and that’s how I recommend you using it. It may have a bit of a bad smell as Neem oil is not the best smelling like many other essential oils, but if you use just the right amount I believe it will smell great and the health benefits are really worth it. So that’s an amazing benefit of neem oil. You want to use it with dental floss like I’ve just shown you in order to floss your teeth with it and all the good properties of the neem will go between your teeth. Check our Neem oil here and all our other oils. Have a great day!

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