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Citronella Oil Benefits & Uses

by Up Nature |

Citronella Essential Oil is one of the most common oils being used today worldwide in Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the practice of using different medicinal plant oils such as citronella and many other oils, in order to improve your mood and cognitive abilities and your physical well-being. It’s a very old practice and I’ll talk about a few different benefit uses and you’ll why specifically citronella is one of the most common oils. And the reason is that it has a wide variety of uses and it can improve your health in many ways.

The first thing which citronella oil can do is treat and prevent colds, fevers and headache. Now, who wouldn’t want to remove colds, fevers and headaches? Those are three big things which most of society has and many people take pills against it, they take drugs against colds and headaches; and I find this approach completely wrong, when you can use something completely natural such as citronella essential oil which is actually just an extract and oil from the citronella plant. This oil is 100% natural and by inhaling it or putting a bit on your skin after mixing it with a carrier oil, colds can go away, fevers can go down, headaches can go away because there are many beautiful and great medicinal properties in the citronella plant and with this extracted oil you can actually feel them.

Another great benefit and use is citronella is an incredible massage oil, so if you want to do a massage for your partner, citronella essential oil is a great oil. Not only will the massage feel great, you’ll get all the health benefits of using the citronella essential oil.

Another great benefit: if you have pets, citronella essential oil can help calm barking dogs. It has calming and soothing effects – in humans as well – but if your dog is really pissed off and barking, just use citronella essential oil. You can let the dog smell it, spray it with a bit of water. It’s very important to dilute the citronella essential oil because it can burn your dog’s skin.

Citronella essential oil has anti-fungal properties, so if you have fungal infections or fungal issues, citronella essential oil can help. There are many other essential oils which are good for these purposes and citronella oil is one of them. If you want to attack a fungal issue, I think it’s great to use multiple oils together and citronella essential oil is one of the strongest antifungal oils there is. I actually used citronella essential oil on my skin fungus which I had last year and mixed it together with oregano oil and few other oils and it was amazing the way it helped me.

Another great use of citronella oil is it’s great for relief from anxiety. It gives you a light feeling, it promotes relaxation. In today’s society where we are all so stressed and we have so much more stimulation from everywhere, it’s a great oil to have in your toolbox to get relief and be able to relax much faster. I know personally, just smelling it gives you automatic relief. It’s an amazing benefit for myself and for many others.

Citronella oil can also be used as a deodorant. It has a rich, citrus-like aroma so you can use it in a diffuser to diffuse a great smell into the room, you can make a spray out of it with water and use it on yourself; you can put a small drop on your finger and even put it directly or mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil on the pulse points below your ears. You don’t need to use chemicals just to have a good smell – you can just use essential oils.

Another great benefit and use many people don’t know about is that citronella essential oil can relieve muscle pain. If you have pain from walking hard, or an injury or you’re very stiff from the gym, all you have to do is use citronella essential oil as a lotion on your muscles or joints. The same soothing, relaxing effects you’ll have if you just smell it, you’ll also have them on your joints and muscles.

So, I really recommend that you check out our citronella essential oil. I believe you’ll enjoy many health benefits and we’ll love to hear how it has impacted your life. 

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