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6 Thanksgiving Gifting Ideas

by Aromatherapist Heidi Kiddle MIFPA |

Express your thankfulness this Thanksgiving with a gift that is personal and unique. Aromatherapy and essential oils have never been as popular so this is a gift idea that is sure to please, whilst also helping to support the health and wellbeing of those who use them.

If you like the idea of creating handmade gifts this Thanksgiving, I hope that you will find the following DIY aromatherapy ideas equally enjoyable to make as to gift.




Firstly I would like to share my suggested Thanksgiving-themed blend of essential and carrier oils to base the following recipes on. However, of course, feel free to create your very own blend if you wish, using any combination of the oils that I have suggested or why not experiment with other oils from the entire UpNature range. Just refer to the free ebook that you will receive upon purchasing any oil for detailed information on properties and how to use that particular oil.



Boswellia serrata 

As fun and joyous as the holidays can be, with all the traveling and organizing they can also be a little stressful at times. This is why I chose this wonderful essential oil to include in the Thanksgiving blend.

Frankincense is known to be a nervous system tonic, it can help to relieve stress, tension, and exhaustion both mental and physical. With its grounding, calming and rejuvenating properties, it helps deepen the breath, aid relaxation and promote restorative sleep. It also helps relieve aching muscles, especially tension related. It is the perfect fall/ winter oil as it is rejuvenating and hydrating for all skin types and especially useful for dry skin. Helping to support the skin through the effects of the changing seasons.


Sweet Orange 

Citrus sinensis 

Sweet Orange essential oil blends beautifully with Frankincense. The citrus note compliments the deep, woody notes in the Frankincense. Primarily this is a digestive oil, helping to support healthy digestion, so perfect during the holiday season. With it's refreshing and uplifting properties and calming action on the nervous system, it is also a great support to keep spirits high and soothe any tension away. 



Copaifera reticulata

An essential oil that is known for its strong anti-inflammatory properties due to its high sesquiterpene content. Regarded as being calming, balancing and grounding emotionally and spiritually.  


Pumpkin Seed 

Curcubita pepo

This Carrier oil is known to have anti-inflammatory properties for the skin, it can prove very useful in soothing dry skin conditions. Makes a wonderful base for a massage oil blend and is nourishing to the skin with its high essential fatty acids and vitamin E content.


Texas Cedarwood

Juniperus mexicana

I'm adding this essential oil into the room spray recipe only and also for use in the UpNature diffuser. Texas Cedarwood has many benefits when used in inhalation. The woody aroma of this essential oil blends well with citrus oils and Frankincense. It has tonic properties to the nervous system and is indicated for having a balancing action on the nervous system. Helping with nervous tension. Warming, strengthening oil. It is also a great respiratory tonic so perfect for inhaling during the fall/ winter season to protect and keep those nasty bugs at bay. 






1. Thanksgiving Bath Bombs 

If you got a chance to have a read of my previous blog post Make Your Own Bath Bombs you may have already had the great idea to make these as thanksgiving gifts. If not these little fizzy delights are sure to whizz up some excitement on thanksgiving. You can go to town, not only with making these as individual as the person you are making them for, but also with how you present them. It is such a fun activity in itself and very rewarding to see the end product that you created. The perfect way to help unwind after the enjoyable, yet somewhat hectic thanksgiving period. The perfect way to relax a little in-between Thanksgiving and the UpComing Christmas holidays. Simply click on the link above and it will take you straight to the full instructions on how to make these yourself, but subsititute the oils with the blend above to make them for Thanksgiving. 


2. Thanksgiving Massage Oil

You will need a 100ml glass bottle. Fill the bottle with your chosen carrier oil, I suggest Pumpkin Seed as detailed above. Add up to 40 drops of essential oils into the bottle and shake well.   

The suggested amount of drops for each oil;

15 drops of Frankincense

15 drops of Sweet Orange 

10 drops Copaiba


3. Thanksgiving Room Spray

You will need a glass spray bottle big enough to hold 100ml water. Add 8-10 drops of essential oils, per 100ml of water. Always shake before use and store in glass, not plastic. 


The suggested amount of drops for each oil;

2 Frankincense
4 Sweet Orange
2 Copaiba
Texas Cedarwood 






If you find yourself short for time to create your own products, you can order a selection of products from UpNatures exciting range. Perhaps compiling your own hamper of various items that you think will benefit your loved one. Up Nature has made this even easier for you with some of their fantastic offerings, such as their...


4. NEW essential oil diffuser








In which you can use the blend I suggested above for the room spray.


5. Essential Oil Gift Set 







Perfect as a starter kit for essential oil newbies. 


6. Roll-on sets  









For those on-the-go people, these are the perfect travel companion.




Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Do not ingest

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