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The Benefits of Essential Oils - 4 Unknown Uses For Your Body

by Allison Greenlee |

Essential oils are highly-benefic components extracted from natural sources with great benefits in healing and helping our bodies to work properly. What’s great about these substances is that they have a general use so you don’t have to worry about too many health restrictions if you want to apply certain mixes on your body.

Another useful feature worth mentioning is that you can get creative and make your own products and treatments that you can start using right after going through the general rules regardless of the essential mix you plan on trying. Below we’re going to talk about some new benefits of essential oils on our bodies so if you’re going through a bad time and you constantly feel exhausted or drained this is something you might want to read.

  • Illness recovery and immunity

Essential oils and their benefits have been used to recover from illnesses and to boost immunity functions for centuries. In all ancient civilizations, essential oils have been administrated both internally and applied on certain parts of the skin for their skin-healing and digestive tract stimulation properties.

Certain oils have a benefic chemical composition with over 90% of their fatty acid content being a rare compound going under the name of ricinoleic acid. This acid makes a few oils absolutely unique (castor oil for e.g.) and in combination with specific salts and esters (also found in essential oils) they can have a good impact on our body while helping our immune system get a boost.

Essential oils have been proven to improve lymphatic drainage, stabilize the blood flow, and heal affections of the thymus gland as well as other immune system issues that a lot of us face. Researches show that patients who use abdominal oil packs have a significant increase in the production of lymphocytes, the immune system natural protectors that attack toxins and bacteria.

If you’re facing an illness recovery, essential oils can also help you get on your feet faster by helping your circulatory and your digestive system. This means oils will help you detox by supporting your heart and by helping your digestive system take care of any affections encountered. Oils will activate the release of glycerol and ricinoleic acid, two substances that come with great benefits on your metabolism.

  • Dealing with infection

The benefits of essential oils have a significant impact on open wounds as well. If you’re suffering from this type of wound you are highly vulnerable to infection from bacteria or fungi and if the situation gets worst, this can lead to tetanus or sepsis. It won’t be the case if you have some essential oils in your medical cabinet because they have antiseptic properties that will take care of any possible infection while securing your wounded area for a speedy recovery.

The essential oils benefits list also includes antimicrobial properties while giving microbes no chance to stand against them. Tea essential oil for example is an effective protector against fungal infections, preventing fungal growth and dermatitis.  Even if it might be hard to believe, essential oils also have cicatrizing properties. 

Despite having expensive products on the market that promise to cover up internal scars, essential oils are actually able to do that while being affordable for everyone’s budget. Oils can cure internal bacterial infections in our colon, stomach, intestines and our urinary system if they’re being administrated internally on a regular basis. Lemongrass essential oil* has the exact same properties, with anti-fungal and antibacterial protection, however you should consult your doctor to determine the stage of the infection first.

  • Balance hormones

A study made 2 years ago and backed up by the Jurnal of Phytotherapy Research** proves that inhaling certain essential oils comes with the ability to improve THS levels, with the method being applied to almost half of the women found in their 50s.

The biggest benefits of inhaling this oil is balancing out the production of estrogen because a lot of health issues today are actually based on extra estrogen that was produced, going hand in hand with consuming highly-infused hormonal foods.

Thyme oil on the other hand has a direct impact on progesterone levels. Both men and women can suffer from unbalanced progesterone levels and this is often linked to infertility or depression. The essential oils health benefits are also including the improvement of progesterone production, a method that not only has low costs but it’s also very effective.

Sandalwood oil can be used for balancing testosterone levels for both genders, while also having the ability to be an aphrodisiac. Sandalwood should be added in men’s cologne because it already has a long-standing tradition in the perfume industry. You can also add it in your homemade deodorant won’t harm you either, especially if you suffer from low testosterone levels.

  • Homemade beauty products

This will come as great news for the ladies. Why spend a few hundred dollars each month on all the beauty products that you need when you can do some research and start making them all by yourself, at home. Not only this will mean low costs but you’ll also be completely in charge of the production process. You’ll be able to control each and every substance you put in your homemade beauty products with no side effects from applying your treatment.

Making your own deodorant

To make your own deodorant you need the following ingredients:

Melt the shea butter and the coconut oil in a double boiler over medium heat until both substances are almost melted. Remove your composition from the heat and add baking soda with the arrowroot. Mix the composition well and add the essential oil of your choice.

Pour the mix in a glass container and let it cool. After this stage all you need to do is pour the final composition in to an old deodorant stick and start using it! The same recipe can be applied with coconut oil if you prefer it.

Making your own shaving cream

Even if this recipe is more complicated, men will enjoy the final results because homemade shaving cream is cheap and it works great without burning your face.

To make this cream you need the following ingredients:


Start by putting your oil or the shea/cocoa butter under medium heat until the melting point. Remove your mix from the heat and add every other ingredient that you have while blending the whole composition for a few minutes once this step is done. Transfer your homemade shaving cream into a jar or a container after this but be sure to check that the composition doesn’t start separating.

If it does start shake it better before it cools down. This quantity should last you around two months and it will definitely save you a lot of cash regardless of how often you shave.

Making your own sunscreen bars

The ingredients you need for this homemade product are:


Combine all ingredients with the exception of the essential oil and the zinc oxide in a boiler, turn the boiler on and make sure you have some water near you. Mix all the ingredients constantly until everything is melted and after this step you can remove your double boiler from the heat to add the zinc oxide powder and the essential oil.

Stir until the oil is incorporated and carefully pour the composition into molds or whatever you plan on storing the sunscreen bars in. Before using or extracting the composition from the molds, allow it to cool down completely so the shape maintains. For a long term usage, be sure to store your sun screen bars in the fridge.

Making your own shampoo

What are the benefits of essential oils if you can’t make your own shampoo! As you probably know by now the hair care industry is worth a few billions of dollars each year and despite selling us products that aren’t always cheap, we often encounter shampoos that cause more damage to our hair rather than helping it and maintain a healthy aspect.

Making your own shampoo is not time consuming and it doesn’t come with any side-effects if you stick to the right amounts of each element because the mix we’re going to describe below was tested previously several times so you only need to be aware of allergies if you’re interested in creating the recipe for your own use. Here's what you need:


Start by combining all ingredients in a lean jar and simply shake the mix well before you start using it. Keep it in your bathroom up to a month and shake your mix each and every time before you plan on using it. That’s all you need to do in order to have your very own homemade shampoo!

Making your own natural face wash

I think it’s safe to say that our face needs protection as well and since we have all these essential oils we can use why not make a natural face wash that can help our skin every day. Find yourself a good natural body cloth and fill up a recipient with water, liquid Castile soap and add 2 or 3 drops of the oil of your choice, depending on how much water you have.

Mix your composition and after that dip the cloth into the water and gently wash your face. This will help you clean your skin in a natural way and a good overall protection will also be ensured due to the good properties of your essential oils and the Castile soap that is usually used for children. This method is recommended to be applied in the morning after you wake up, at night right before you go to sleep and especially before applying any type of cosmetics on your skin or different beauty treatments. If your face feels dry or burned due to weather conditions, feel free to use this mix during the day without any holdbacks whatsoever but be sure that the water is warm before getting in touch with your skin.

This is where our list ends but hopefully the benefits of essential oils will come as great help for you at some point when you find yourself in one of the situations above with your body in need for some extra care. Hopefully it won’t be the case and if it isn’t you should still consider experimenting with our oils by creating some of the homemade products we enlisted above. If that is the case we are eager to find out about your results.

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