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The Best Essential Oils For Hair Growth

by Yuli Azarch |

If you’re facing hair growth problems there’s an easy solution you can try before spending a ton of cash on cosmetic products or even worst, hair implants. The hair care industry is a market that is able to generate a few good billions of dollars each year but unfortunately not all their products are capable of delivering the results promised and instead all hair growth tips that actually work rely on a good prevention treatment.

Essential oils for hair growth are in fact strong substances extracted from plants that are known to have a positive impact on hair fascicles so applying this type of treatment will not only save a big part of your hair care budget but it will also deliver amazing results for your scalp. Below we enlisted a few high quality essential oils that are able to be used for hair care with a few reasons why your hair could be facing deterioration. Details on how to apply this type of organic substances will also be offered.

Common reasons that cause hair loss

Before finding treatment for your hair problem you need to know for sure what caused it because a treatment for the wrong cause can only come as ineffective and expensive. With this being said here are some common issues that stand behind hair loss, without having a direct connection with this condition at first.

  • Thyroid issues

A common reason for hair loss is related to thyroid gland issues so before spending some serious cash on hair care products you should consider having a few tests to find out if this is the case for you. Some other symptoms that are common in thyroid issues: anxiety, insomnia, log swelling, sensitivity for certain foods, heart palpitations and most important, fatigue.

If you feel like this could be the case for you get in touch with your doctor to have a blood sample taken for additional testing. Eliminating soy, dairy, corn, and gluten from your diet will help your treatment as well, along with liver detoxification and certain lifestyle changes (regular sleep, regular hours for meals, stress reduction).

  • Iodine deficiency

Iodine is an essential element when trying to produce thyroid hormones and most importantly, the body does not produce this substance so we need to supplement it with our diet. Some common sources to make sure our body gets iodine are: cheese, cow milk, eggs, ice cream, frozen yogurt, saltwater fish, soy sauce, soy milk and yogurt but before using any of these products on a regular basis we need to consult our doctor for proper tests to find out if iodine deficiency is actually the main reason for our hair loss.

  • Anxiety

A common cause for hair loss can be anxiety and in some cases this actually makes hair loss even more difficult to control. The key issue between anxiety and this condition is stress and in many ways anxiety simply represents persistent stress.

Technically speaking stress and anxiety are two separate conditions yet long term stress can lead to many of the same symptoms that anxiety has. Anyone dealing with anxiety is actually putting themselves under mental and physical stress on a constant basis so this can have severe consequences to your hair. Telogen Effluvium is a condition where more hair than normal is falling off on a daily basis and this is actually the main condition related to stress and hair loss.

  • Iron deficiency

Some researches show that hair loss has a lot to deal with iron deficiency than we actually think.  Leonid Benjamin Trost, Wilma Fowler Bergfeld and Ellen Calogeras write in the May issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that they believe hair loss can have a direct connection.

If this is the cause for losing your hair it can be identified by checking the amount of ferritin with a blood sample, a protein that plays a crucial role in storing the iron. If your doctor finds out some low levels of ferritin in blood samples most likely that means you have an iron deficiency that will require immediate treatment.

Essential oils that can help you deal with hair loss

  • Rosemary essential oil

Ever since Ancient Egypt rosemary oil was an efficient solution in dealing with hair problems. This oil is extracted from the herb rosemary and it represents one of the few oils that stimulate hair grown and deals with thin hair while improving blood circulation.

Rosemary oil represents a fast hair growth oil that has powerful anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties so it will help you main a healthy scalp. Rosemary plants also have anti-fungal and antiseptic properties.

  • Neem essential oil

Neem oil is an excellent oil for fast hair grow but also for skin problems. Neem oil is extracted from the plant’s seeds without using any heat or chemicals with a direct purpose to balance all nutrients and the purity of the oil.

Neem oil is an excellent ingredient for shampoos or moisturizers and the oil features Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 acids with benefic properties for your hair.

  • Sweet Basil essential oil

Luckily for us basil is a strong source of magnesium that helps our hair follicles become stronger. Basil oil is easily one of the top best oil for fast hair growth that also has antioxidant properties containing orientin and vicenin, two flavonoids that are able to protect the cell structure from our hair against antioxidation.

With poor scalp circulation being the major cause of hair loss, basil oil will produce good results if you decide to include it in your homemade shampoo. Eugenol, an anti-inflammatory substance part of basil oil, will take care of your blood circulation without any extra efforts.

  • Chamomile essential oil

Chamomile is another great answer to all your hair problems with great properties to prevent future issues, including hair loss. Chamomile oil is one of the most effective and most concentrated oils for your scalp with intense action on a cellular level and a sweet herbaceous aroma.

Chamomile is an herb that grows wild or sometimes cultivated (in temperate zones) worldwide used in many potent medical treatments. The plant has gentle flowers with many uses for inflated or irritated skin. Hair treatment can also fall in this category with most of our hair problems being caused by a bad circulation, as we mentioned previously.

  • Peppermint essential oil 

Peppermint oil is well-known for its abilities to stimulate blood flow for the hair roots. While making sure that the roots will receive all the proper nutrients, peppermint can also guarantee that your hair has a natural growth and enough strength to be healthy.

Peppermint is a plant native to Europe and the Middle East with a long-term usage for body care. Peppermint is a cross between water mint and spearmint with the final result taking the best properties out of both plants. The basic ingredient in this case is called menthol and it’s also responsible for most benefic effects that peppermint oil has.

The plant is used in foods and beverages as well with good results in being a gastric stimulant. By using the oil produced from peppermint your scalp will also benefit from a refreshing sensation besides the positive effect on hair roots that this amazing plant is able to generate.

Alternatives to prevent hair loss and maintain your scalp healthy

  • Reduce stress

Even if it might sound hard to achieve in some cases, reducing the stress levels you are exposing yourself to is absolutely necessary for preventing hair loss among other health problems. On a long term basis stress can lead to digestive system diseases, muscle tension or pain, depression, cardiovascular diseases, tobacco use, drug or alcohol abuse, sleep problems and several other affections that can intervene with having a healthy condition.

APA (American Psychological Association) points out that the average stress levels in U.S. reached the 5.1 mark on 10-point scale from 4.9 since 2014. Stress is a common factor among adults with 24% of them saying that money or work are the main causes for extreme stress in their life.

  • Scalp massage

Regardless if this turns out to have any effect on your hair, your body will appreciate the extra care offered by massaging your scalp. If you do some online research you can easily find out a few methods to help get the treatment easier in your scalp while relaxing the rest of your body after a hard day at work.

  • Be careful of what shampoo you use

In some cases this is actually the main cause of hair loss or hair thickening. Many products that are being sold in the worldwide market are actually full with chemicals that most likely you don’t want in your hair regardless if you’re facing problems with this part of your body or not.

The best way to make sure you’re in control of what touches your hair is to make your own shampoo at home and essential oils are a vital element of this process.

How to mix and apply your essential oils for hair growth

Essential oils are strong substances so before applying them on your hair in different combinations you need to be aware of the right methodology. After you decided on the oil of your choice, the substance needs to go through the distillation process with a known carrier such as jojoba oil, kernel oil, almond oil or apricot.

To simplify the process we created a few steps that you can follow to receive a maximum efficiency for your hair treatment:

Step 1

Prepare your carrier and add 6 drops of essential oil to every single ounce of carrier. If you plan on making a long-term treatment and you have a 40 oz bottle of your carrier that means you should add 24 drops of essential oil.

Step 2

Open the essential oil bottle but be careful that the substance doesn’t get in touch with your fingers directly because most oils come in high concentrations and small doses so wasting the substance or applying big quantities on small portions of your body can bring unwanted consequences.

Add the right number of drops accord to your carrier.

Step 3

If you have a certain formula you want to stick to be sure you’re aware of the final concentration. Every extra drop of oil with increase the final concentration so step 3 would be to determining any extra oils you want to add to the final mix and calculating the concentration based on what you achieved this far with your main oil and your carrier.

Step 4

To apply this treatment your hair needs to be wet so take a shower and apply the mix you created while massaging your scalp. Let the treatment sink in with a clean towel on your head and wash your hair afterwards. You can also let the treatment sink in your hair over night but don’t forget to place a towel on your pillow not to leave stains.

Other than that you can experiment with any of the oils we mentioned above but be sure you’re aware of the concentration of your mix.

This is all the basic knowledge you need to be aware of if you’re interested in a treatment with essential oils for your hair problems. To make sure there are no side effects while using the oils, test the mixture you created on a small portion of your body and wait to see if there’s any potential harm you’re exposing yourself to. We suggest you use jojoba oil as a carrier because this product is also good for hair problems. However, if you’re only suffering from dry hair or damaged hair you should use coconut oil or kukui nut oil.

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