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The Best Essential Oils For Skin Treatments

by Yuli Azarch |

The skin is considered to be the largest organ of the human body so taking care of it should be a priority for anyone regardless of your age or gender. Skin products are often expensive but with a bit of research and dedication we can end up creating our own at home.

To do this we only need to be aware of some basic techniques on how to mix the elements and to be able to identify the best essential oils for skin treatments. Let’s see what oils are capable of filling in those spots and what should we know about the properties of essential oils for skin among other important details.

1. Peppermint oil

Peppermint is without a doubt one a top component if we’re talking about aroma oils for skin purposes. Due to the presence of menthol, peppermint is able to function as a powerful healing agent for our skin while being a trustworthy solution for respiratory problems, fever, headaches and pain.

Top peppermint oil benefits



Peppermint oil is able to provide valuable help in assisting our digestive system to function properly. The oil represents a good tonic for those who have a low appetite and it can help treat motion sickness, nausea and remove excess gas.

Dental care

As we all known peppermint is used frequently in oral hygiene products so the essential oil is able to eliminate bad breath, help our gums heal and fight the mouth germs.

Nail Care

While having antifungal properties, peppermint oil will also help you take care of your nails when applied topically. It was proven that peppermint can significantly reduce fungal nail infections among others.

Urinary tract infections

Urinary infections can get pretty ugly but luckily for us peppermint oil is able to act as an antibacterial agent to reduce and eliminate them.

Immune system

Suffering from low immunity? No worries because peppermint can boost that while offering protection against seasonal diseases.

Blood circulation

The effects of peppermint have been shown in blood circulation as well. This plant’s oil is able to increase pulse rate and blood circulation.

Hair care

Peppermint is able to give a cooling effect on our hair with scalp protection being ensured at the same time.


2. Jojoba Oil

Jojoba essential oil represents not only a good carrier to dilute the rest of the oils but it’s also a top 3 best natural scent oils for skin. As a matter of fact, jojoba oil is the most hydrating oil on the market so this makes it a certain solution for skin treatments. The oil extracted from the plant includes vitamin B or vitamin E. Besides having a great impact on your skin, jojoba will do wonders in your diet as well, especially if you’re lacking iodine from your body.

Sebaceous glands are placed inside our bodies and are able to secrete sebum, a lubricating substance that ends up on our skin. Basically, sebum has the same texture as jojoba oil and as we get older our sebaceous glands produce a lot less of this substance so by supplying our skin with this wonderful oil we can get rid of dry skin or an itchy scalp. The oil, while being used in a mix, is able to moisturize our body if the body stops doing it by itself. Too much of this substance will result in an oily skin or acne but luckily jojoba oil is able to fix that as well.

The oil removes sticky buildups or excess oil while keeping the levels balanced. You can mix and use jojoba in a natural treatment for eczema or acne if you suffer from these conditions on certain parts of your body. When being used as an emollient, jojoba oil will prevent or cure skin irritations, without any risks whatsoever since we’re talking about an organic product that doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals.

Top jojoba oil benefits


Makeup remover

A few drops of oil applied on to a cotton ball will help you remove the makeup from your eyes and face. Wash your face with water after the process is done and you’re all good for the rest of the day.

Facial cleaner

You can apply a few drops of jojoba oil on a cotton ball to have a clean face as well. After washing your skin you can pat a few more drops to moisture certain areas on your face or body.

Body and scalp massage

This oil is safe to be applied immediately after taking a bath when your skin is still damp. Body and scalp massages can also be included as benefits of this wonderful product.

Skin softener

If you plan on making a homemade moisturizer be sure to include jojoba in your final mix. This will help soften your skin in no time.

Conditioning treatment

After shampooing your hair you can use jojoba oil as a conditioner.


Apply a mix of jojoba oil on your face after shaving to hydrate your skin.


Use your favorite essential oil with a few drops of jojoba oil as a carrier.


3. Lavender Oil

Lavender not only has a fresh, floral, clean smell but it can also do wonders for our skin. The oil is a classic component for perfumes, soaps, fresheners and beauty products and there’s a good reason why this happens.

The plant itself has been used for over 2500 years for medical and religious purposes with great protection from free radicals (oxidants, chemicals etc.) being ensured. This wonderful plant is also able to protect your immune system with its powerful oil.

Top lavender oil benefits


Cut and burns healing

Known for its antibacterial properties, lavender oil also has the ability to heal small cuts, burns, scraps and wounds. 

Antioxidant protection

Scientists found out that using lavender oil can protect you from free radicals as well. We all know by now that this is a common reason for aging so using lavender with your skin care products will come with great benefits for your overall aspect.


In 2014 a group of scientists from Tunisia wanted to test lavender oil on blood sugar to see if this substance can help diabetes. Turns out the oil increases blood glucose, helps with metabolic disorders, helps you get rid of extra weight and helps your liver and kidney to function properly.

Brain support

Lavender also has the ability to protect against neurological damage. Migraines, stress, anxiety and depression stand no chance against this powerful oil and in November 2015 the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice published a study where the benefits of lavender were recognized.


A study that targeted college students proves that lavender oil is able to improve the quality of sleep by 60%. This includes length, restfulness and the time it took to fall asleep. Journal of Alternative Complementary Medicine found that lavender oil can provide valuable help for men and women that face insomnia.


According to a new study published in the European Journal of Neurology, lavender has proven to be useful for people that are struggling with headaches and migraines. Inhaling the essential oil made from this plant will have the same effect on you if you’re struggling with these conditions on a constant basis.

Skin burns and age spots

If you had a long day at the beach, lavender oil will help you heal burn skin as well. The same thing will happen if you have age spots on the surface of your skin.


4. Ylang Ylang oil

Ylang Ylang is well known in Aromatherapy for its antidepressant, antiseptic, sedative and aphrodisiac properties. The essential oil of this plant didn’t receive too much recognition until recently but if we pay attention to most popular cosmetic products we can see that this ingredient is part of the every recipe.

The oil is extracted through distillation from fresh flowers of the ylang ylang tree, and we can find the tree in certain parts of Asian and South Pacific Islands like Indonesia, Philippines or Polynesia. The flowers are able to provide natural remedy for endocrine, cardiovascular, reproductive and digestive system issues.

Knowing that ylang ylang oil helps your blood circulation your skin can benefit from this substance as well. Ylang Ylang is also a good carrier if you plan on making homemade organic skin products to treat your body.

Top ylang ylang oil benefits


Heart health

Known to improve blood flow, ylang ylang is able to support your circulatory system. As a matter of fact, the oil is considered to be the most powerful oil when it comes to blood circulation and heart healthiness.

Mood Enhancer

The oil is able to act on the olfactory system of the brain with immediate positive effects on our mood and our minds. This means ylang ylang can represent a good remedy for depression while helping you release negative emotions such as anger and jealousy.

Skin preserver

Ylang Ylang also preserves your skin in order to hold on to its natural glow while eliminating the signs of aging too quickly.

Natural energizer

Are you feeling tired on a constant basis? Or does your body feel drained after a long day at work? This powerful oil can help you battle those feelings as well. Add several drops of oil on a cotton ball and apply it on your wrist or your neck.

Natural hair care

Combined with coconut oil, ylang ylang will help your hair regain its glow while protecting your scalp and help damaged hair follicles become stronger. This combination is also able to kill lice.


Ylang Ylang oil can help increase libido to both men and women. Diffuse a few drops of oil in your room or apply a small amount on your bed sheets or shirt.

Digestive Aid

Stress or anxiety can interfere with your digestive system but this oil can also offer valuable help in this situation.

5. Frankincense Oil

Frankincense essential oil represents a highly-used product for medical purposes with benefits such as helping treat stress and anxiety, chronic pain and to help our immunity system while being a top 3 best essential oils that are good for skin.

The essential oil is extracted from Boswellia trees that are found in Somalia and the essential oil has found itself associated in many religions and it’s even said that it was gift from Christians to Jesus at some point.

Top frankincense oil benefits


Stress relieving

Put a few drops of frankincense oil in your bath water to relax your body and to come at peace. The oil will also help you fight anxiety if you apply it on your wrist or neck.

Natural hygiene

Frankincense oil is also a natural hygiene product that can be used as a household cleaner. Bad breath and oral infections will also lose the battle with this powerful substance.

Anti-aging and wrinkle 

With some of the most powerful benefits featured by frankincense oil being skin protection, the substance can fight anti-aging sings and wrinkles.

Natural indigestion remedy

Gas, stomach aches, cramps and other digestive system issues stand no chance against frankincense oil when being administrated orally.

Natural cold or flu remedy

A quick ways to ditch a cold or flu with a quick recovery being guaranteed. Peppermint is also able to help your respiratory system work properly or to recover from an infection or a most conditions that affect us almost every cold season.

Inflammation and pain relief

Try to massage frankincense oil to the painful area if you’re suffering from arthritis or asthma. Inhaling it will come with great benefits.


There you have it! Our list with the best essential oils for skin treatments is complete. We can only hope that this list with uses of essential oils for skin will come as great help for you and you’re close ones if you’re suffering from a skin condition. Feel free to share your thoughts below on what oil works best for you when you’re facing skin problems and if you have any questions we are more than eager to help you complete your final purchase.

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