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The Best Organic Essential Oils With General Benefits

by Yuli Azarch |

In a market that’s facing huge and fast development, essential oils are being produced in different quantities and concentrations, while being advertised for various uses. With so many options to choose from when shopping for organic products, you may find yourself asking what are the best ones, and how do you know for sure you made the right choices?

When it comes to the best organic essential oils, things are simpler because the top 5 most used products in the market can easily be determined. All of them maintain good results with general use and can produce outstanding effects on our bodies while being extremely affordable. Let’s see what we came up with!

1.     Peppermint essential oil


Peppermint represents a hybrid species coming from spearmint and water mint and the essential oil is gained by steam distillation with the most active ingredients including menthol (35-45%) and menthone (10-30%). The plant represents one of the oldest herbs used for medicinal purposes with a long standing tradition in Europe, Egypt, China and Japan. Peppermint has been used in medicine since 1000 B.C. and traces of the plant were found in several Egyptian pyramids.

 Peppermint oil is impossible to be mistaken and it has two options when it comes to direct application: orally and topically. The plant has strong antimicrobial properties and along with lavender it’s most likely able to produce one of the most versatile essential oil in the market.

The oil gives you a cooling sensation and a calming effect when being applied on your body and this will do wonders if you’re suffering from sore muscles after having a long day at work. The antimicrobial properties will also provide a good solution to soothe digestive system issues.

Top peppermint oil benefits


Reduces stomach aches

Peppermint oil is a very effective painkiller and a muscle relaxant. Not only it will help you during stomach aches but it will also induce a calm and relaxing mood that will help your body find its natural balance.

Soothe digestive system issues

Inhaling peppermint oil will reduce hunger cravings and you can also use it as a natural energizer to get through the day.

Relieves headaches

One of the best natural solutions to get rid of headaches and to prevent exhaustion. This oil is also able to reduce fever.

Antimicrobial properties

Peppermint oil represents a cheap and effective way to keep your home clean.

Improves mental focus

Can be used while studying or working to improve focus. After a while your brain will associate the action with the scent and will engage properly when necessarily.

Clears respiratory tract

No more throat problems in the morning after a long night out. Peppermint will help you get better quicker after a cold.

Relaxes tight muscles


If your body feels exhausted you can use peppermint oil to release tight muscles while replacing costly pharmaceutical drugs.



2.     Oregano essential oil

Oregano features a heavy and spicy aroma that makes the essential oil hard to be mistaken. Along with being known for its antimicrobial properties, oregano oil is used aromatically (the most popular way), topically and internally to treat digestive, parasitic, bacterial, inflammatory and allergenic issues.

The antibacterial properties featured by this plant were well known ever since ancient Greece and oregano was often used for treating bacterial infections on the skin or wounds while also having the ability to protect food from bacteria.

Top oregano oil benefits


Respiratory conditions

Oregano oil is able to act as an expectorant to help you loosen up or eliminate the mucus and phlegm stuck in your respiratory system. Not only your respiratory tract will get all the help it needs but your lungs and throat will get a healing boost as well.


This oil will help you in healing many types of inflammations, both internal and external. It will reduce redness and irritation on the area that’s being applied to and it will also relieve the pain associated with suffering the injury on your skin.


One of the most common uses oregano oil is known for. This substance is able to protect you against viral and bacterial infections. The plant will guarantee the level of protection against the most common bacterial-caused infections or diseases in the colon and the urinary tract. Sores, cholera and skin infections can be named here as well.


Viruses, bacteria, protozoa and fungi are the 4 agents responsible for the most encountered infectious diseases. Out of the 4 mentioned previously, fungi are the most common issue for this type of diseases and oregano oil is able to protect your ear, nose and throat from them.

Most skin infections have the same cause and this oil will also perform well when used for this purpose.


Oregano essential oil is able to protect you from viral infections by strengthening your immunity system against cold, mumps, pox, measles and other problems created by common viruses. When being administrated the substance will stimulate the production and the well-functioning of blood cells which represent our body’s number one defense line.


Worms, tape worms, lice, bed bugs, mosquitoes, fleas and many other types of parasites can attack the human body to use us as their number one source of food. After doing that they leave us as a carrier for communicable diseases but oregano oil is able to stop most parasites from doing that. You can make a very effective bug spray just by including oregano oil inside the composition.


Our body suffers from getting in touch with free radicals (oxidants) but oregano oil is able to protect us while repairing the damage that was already done. This means our aging process will be slowed down and certain cancers, muscular degeneration, wrinkles and other symptoms will be stopped or slowed down on a long term usage. Premature aging will also be stopped.


Oregano is also able to calm down the hyper-sensitivity of our body to certain external stimuli and it’s known to give relief from allergy symptoms while acting as a sedative. Throat swelling is one of the most common causes stopped by oregano essential oil.


The essential oil is extracted through steam distillation just like peppermint oil and in this process only fresh oregano leaves can be used.

3.     Lemongrass essential oil

While also used to cook delicious meals, lemongrass is also known in Aromatherapy to help with pain in our muscles, kill all harmful bacteria, to help with different aches in our body and to offer help for our digestive system. This is one of the most versatile plants with active contributions in cosmetics, soaps, homemade products, tea and soups.

Lemongrass features a natural fresh odor that is able to stimulate, relax and balance your body. The plant is being grown in places such as the southern parts of the Asian continent, Australia and New Zealand and it’s also very popular when it comes to making tea.

Top lemongrass oil benefits


Natural deodorizer

Lemongrass oil can be used as an organic alternative when it comes to offering a fresh smell to your home. The oil can easily be added in water and sprayed in the air using a diffuser or a vaporizer.

Skin health

This is probably the strongest benefit of using lemongrass oil. The substance can be used in shampoos, conditioners, soaps, lotions and deodorants and it also has good medical properties.

It can serve as a natural toner, sterilize our pores and strengthen our skin tissues.

Hair care

Lemongrass essential oil can be utilized to help our oil follicles and prevent hair loss. Massage your scalp with this substance or put it in your homemade shampoo to help your scalp become healthier and the results will surprise you.

Stress reducer

Stress is a common factor nowadays but luckily lemongrass essential oil is able to help us with this matter as well. Stress reduction and even sleep deficits don’t stand a chance against this wonderful substance.

Muscle relaxation

The oil will have a positive impact on our muscle while reducing different type of aches, sprains or cramps.


Lemongrass is also known for detoxifying our body. The plant works as a natural agent while helping us get rid of toxins of our bodies.

Stomach protector

The plant has been used for hundreds of years to cure stomach and gastric issues. The oil can come as a supplement with the food to treat stomach pain or several other conditions we often get.

Cholesterol reduction

Several studies have proven that administrating lemongrass essential oil orally will help you reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL). This means your body will be protected against many cardiac disorders while maintaining a natural blood flow. 


4.     Grapefruit essential oil 

Citrus Racemosa (or Citrus Maxima depending on size), commonly known as grapefruit, is able to produce a potent oil, well-recognized in Aromatherapy as an appetite suppressant and for being used in hair care products.

Top grapefruit oil benefits


Weight loss benefits

Grapefruit, just like most citrus fruits, is able to act as a weight loss booster when being administrated orally. The active ingredients help your metabolism while reducing your appetite so when using this oil you are able to lose weight faster in a natural way.

Candida killer

Grapefruit also has antifungal abilities while being able to reduce the yeast and bacteria responsible for Candida virus symptoms. Research shows that this oil is able to fight similar urinary tract infections as well.

Hangover cure

If you went out with your friends for drinks, grapefruit oil will help you cure your hangover the next morning. To help alleviate hangover symptoms, the oil can serve as a diffuser in one or two drops of water to increase detoxification or cravings that can occur due to hormonal or blood sugar changes after consuming alcohol.

Sugar-craving stopper

Sugar-craving is essential to be controlled if you’re trying to lose weight and grapefruit oil will help you do that. Being on a diet not only means you have to control your meal’s quantity but also means you need to control your sugar-craving but luckily for us this oil is able to offer help when it comes to that.


Grapefruit oil is also helpful if we’re talking about bacteria coming from water, food or parasites that enter our body. We can mention E. Coli and salmonella along with parasites from animal feeds.

Reduces stress

When being used for its scent, grapefruit is able to induce a calm and relaxing mood. Rub it on your wrist or add it the water while taking a bath to benefit from this.


5.     Eucalyptus essential oil

Eucalyptus oil is the MVP of homemade products with great results shown when being used in shampoo, body lotions and soaps. Basically if you’re suffering from any condition that affects your skin this oil will do wonders for you.

Top eucalyptus oil benefits


Pink eye

If you get pink eye on a regular basis this right here is the natural remedy for you. Instead of taking antibiotics use eucalyptus oil by applying it around the eye so that the vapors get to work their magic on you.


Eucalyptus can also help your body get through colds and to recover quickly.

Muscle aches

It’s a common thing to suffer from muscle aches, especially if your job requires a lot of standing or movement. This oil will help you relieve that once you get home.


Applying the oil on your wounds will help you heal quicker while making sure that the area doesn’t get infected.


The scent will set you in a calm and relaxing mood. It’s probably easy to guess that this product can do wonders if you’re often finding yourself in stressful situations.




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